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Frablucher scared some horses. But now they made a website where they can share their wildest dreams.


Things you could find

Horse Crying

Fraublucher can strike fear into any horse, regardless of its bravery, causing it to shed tears and seek refuge.

AI Brain

Generative AIs are at the cusp of a technological revolution, capable of generating images, engaging in conversations, and performing a multitude of fascinating tasks.

Live Music

Music is the electrifying surge of energy that courses beneath your skin, a vital force that keeps you alive and thrumming with excitement.​

My Ebooks
Ebook il Cacciatore di sogni

Il Cacciatore di Sogni

The second chapter of the Marshal Buratta series, who, after the 'Villa of Horrors,' embarks on a new investigation. Still in the deep Maremma, still in the small village, with the ever-present Fusi and Pieroni and his wife on vacation, our Marshal will have to deal with the disappearance of Mauro, the owner of the village's Baroccio. A disappearance that brings with it more than one mystery involving many unsuspecting people and is lost in the recent past.

Ebook le avventure del Maresciallo Buratta

Le Avventure del Maresciallo Buratta

In the deep Maremma, in the small village, Marshal Buratta has won us over with his clumsy and frantic investigations, reminiscent of the much-loved Commissioner Sanantonio. In this volume, the first two adventures of the marshal, 'The Villa of Horrors' and 'The Dream Hunter,' are reprised, along with a selection of some delightful additions.

ebook il maresciallo buratta e la villa degli orrori

Il Maresciallo Buratta e la villa degli orrori

A small village in Maremma, a marshal in exile. A mystery bordering on the paranormal. These are the ingredients of this novel that unfolds over 24 very long hours. A mystery that makes you laugh, with one twist after another. Marshal Buratta, a gruff policeman punished and stationed in a provincial outpost, grapples with the mystery of the Villa. A victim of his wife, the events, and even himself, he manages to solve the case, but not without encountering several troubles.

Live I loved

I Believe that live music is the key to truly feeling alive.

Live music is the heartbeat that pulses with life. Every concert is a vibrant, united festivity of melodies that weaves the tapestry of togetherness.